Gulfturk Real Estate and Investment, was established with the principle of quality services and reliability, providing profitable investment opportunities is an experienced real estate marketing and consultancy company.
Gulfturk works in real estate sales and marketing to provide professional service, guidance and consultancy for GCC clients with wide portfolio.
Gulfturk makes analyze home which you want to live, transportation, locaiton, cost and neighborhood issues with expert team, by finding the best home for you aims to provide a happy and peaceful life. Gulfturk’s team of dedicated expert portfolio managers, trustworthy sales executives and helpfull after sales asistants are with you for all process to purchase property in Turkey.
Gulfturk works with clients from a different target groups. Rather than focusing on a specific market sector, the focus is on identifying the opportunity whereby all clients who work with Gulfturk will achieve their desired result. This approach has seen Gulfturk serve a variety of clients ranging from clients who invest in a small apartment, to investment companies that invested in a full scale project.
Belief 1: Real estate ownership is one of the fundamentals of humans safety needs.
Belief 2: Real estate purchase could be the crown of a life effort.
Belief 3: Real estate purchase should always lead a profitable investment
Belief 4: Sale or purchase of real estate should be a positive, profitable topped with quality experience.
Gulfturk specialises in strategic marketing of real estate with design as the core asset. We use a variety of formal design disciplines, all in-house, to create dynamic, effective & sustainable brands - so you can do better business.
Core Competencies
Real Estate marketing (Residential&Commercial-Local and Regional)
Real Estate portfolio management
Real Estate Investment opportunities