Searching Property and Choosing

We arrange appointment date to meet you and on time we pick up you from airport or your hotel.We talk about our project and listen your requirement to learn what you need.Making  analyze properties for your requirements with our expert team and prepare choices.Than we organize viewing tour.


When you decide a property to buy from our choices we help you to create suitable payment plan for your budget. After that you should to pay deposit around 1000-2000 dolar to the construction comapny to keep property.We provide to keep apartment after pay deposit.

Signing Contract

Every company has a sales contract to sign between them and buyer. This contract will protect you until the deed (tapu) is delivered.This contract includes all information about property and the contract has to be 2 copy , one for you and another one for company.We guide signing sales contract.

Notary Process for Title Deed (Tapu)

The last step to take title deed happen in notary office. If you are not be in Turkey all time  for the actual purchase of your property, you have to go to the Notary's office to sign power of attorney to take tapu.

 For this process you need;

-Passport Translation

-Tax number registiration

-2 photos

Title Deed (Tapu) Delivery

When you finish all documents from notary we send this to title deed office. If the project has transferred a title deed to a foreigner before, you can  take your title deed in one week. If you are first buyer of that project, permission process takes approximately 2 months for military approval.


Tittle deed (tapu) tax is %4 on the sales price (some company assume %2 of this but mostly buyer pays all)

Nottary charge is approximately 200-300 dolar for the power of attorney and legal translation service.

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (Dask) cost is approximately 50 dolar depending on the flat size and value.

Electricity-Water  Subscription Fees about 500 dolar to registraiton and transferring under your name.

Annual Property tax is %0.1is collected by the municipalities. It can be paid each year between February and May.